We are: A law firm that offers legal advice, business advice and business consultancy services.

You are: A small to medium sized business or social enterprise.

How can we help you?

Whether you are a start-up or already generating significant revenue We can provide a single source of legal and business advice at a fair price.

What makes us different

We provide Business Advice in the Round by working collaboratively with a wide range of legal and business experts so You don’t need to search out expert opinion from different groups of specialists.

We are a group of like-minded lawyers and business professionals who work remotely and don’t have fancy offices or irrelevant overheads so You know you are only paying for help and advice and not for plush furnishings and art works.

We work remotely which means that our pricing is competitive and our objective of being client centric is not skewed by adhering to timesheets.

We will meet with you at your offices or in the productive surroundings of the meeting rooms at Eight Club in the City of London so You spend as little time as possible away from what you do best, running your business.

We use our multi-disciplinary approach to cross-fertilise ideas and strategy so You only need to explain the problem to us and then get on with what you do best, running your business.

We use our multi-disciplinary approach to make the best expertise available so You know that your issues are being dealt with by specialists in the relevant areas.

We strive to scope the work required in detail and agree a fixed fee so You can set a clear budget and know exactly where you stand financially at every stage.

We provide a flexible service that means we are happy to work with other experts and advisors that You choose so You get a bespoke service from us tailored to fit with your requirements.

What drives us

At The Brooke Consultancy (TBC), we take great pride in dedicating our collective skills and resources to help the SME sector and Social Enterprises to grow and prosper. At the same time, we work to change disadvantage and injustice in our communities through community education opportunities, assisting charities and not for profits to amplify their impact, embracing diversity, leading and assisting businesses to achieve environmental sustainability, and pioneering greater ethics in corporate governance.

Our ethos, built around the principles of collaboration, transparency, flexibility and fairness together with our commitment to Environmental Social Benefit and Governance (formerly known as CSR) were not created as a series of statements to display on our Website but are the foundations of our business and remain the platform upon which we and our services stand.

Who we are

The Brooke Consultancy is made up of a small but growing group of legal and business professionals. We work collaboratively with each other and with our collaboration partners to ensure that you receive Business Advice in the Round.

Our Services

In all the services we offer we strive to provide you with strategic input and advice that is astute and clear, pays attention to detail and is tailored to your specific circumstances. By doing this and by helping to ensure that you have the right agreements and documents in place across all areas of your business our goal is to help you to implement your business strategy and to achieve your business goals.

Business is all about relationships – as a start-up or an established business, as an investor in business or buyer or seller of a business – relationships are key.

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