The Brooke Consultancy (TBC) is reinventing what it means to have a fulfilling, and rewarding career in the law – for both young solicitors who feel they are just another cog in a large machine and for veterans of the profession looking to step off the treadmill of large firms and reignite the passion that drew them into a career in law in the first place.
Young or mature, TBC was created to allow you the freedom to –

  • choose work that is in line with your personal passion
  • make or enhance your professional reputation
  • ignite or revive your drive
  • untether yourself from the never ending ‘full timesheets are everything’ dictum and take on as many or as few cases as you choose

We offer you the infrastructure, security, flexibility and financial safety-net to allow you to work on what excites and drives you.

We enable you to create a professionally enriching self-managed career path without needing to take on the high risk, high-pressure demands, and huge costs of going it alone.

If the idea of pursuing this path in genuine collaboration with some of the brightest and best minds in the law sparks your interest then read on.

And if what you read attracts you or re-ignites a fire that has been slowly ebbing away in the world of large firm anonymity, simply request an interview and let’s talk about a future that takes away risk and replaces it with individual control and the opportunity to do genuinely meaningful work.

TBC is set up to provide lawyers like you with both an umbrella and a platform. The opportunity is not for everyone. Lawyers that join TBC have an existing client following with billings in excess of £75,000 per year.

When you join TBC you:

  • get all the benefits of running your own business without the hassle
  • receive 70% of the fees paid from work introduced by and carried out by you
  • receive 20% of the fees paid from work introduced by you and carried out by another member of The Brooke Consultancy
  • receive 50% of fees paid if you undertake other work at TBC’s request
  • benefit from the opportunity to build an equity stake in TBC and…if in time you choose to leave TBC take your clients with you, no dispute, no resistance
  • have the freedom to choose to only work with your own clients, or to work in collaboration with other TBC members
  • gain the full support of TBC and its network to promote and market your services through our client facing web, social media and ongoing communications channels
  • gain full access to a wide range of legal and business experts and other professionals and service providers
  • have full access to a complete suite of policy and procedure documents and supporting materials and advice
  • benefit from our membership of the Eight Club in London and use the space to meet with clients
  • end the frustration and stress of the commute and, working from your home office, gain the flexibility to control your own time and the hours that you work
  • have the opportunity to build some real work/life balance

When you join TBC, we save you time, effort and money by:

  • doing the day to day administration, accounts and billing management
  • dealing with all aspects of the SRA and compliance (other than your own professional conduct)
  • dealing with client account management
  • handling practising certificates and professional indemnity insurance
  • professionally dealing with any complaints
  • providing you with large firm marketing and promotion coupled with a small firm ethos and character
  • giving you access to professionals and experts in other areas so you can provide your clients with a full ‘in house’ service

Let TBC use its credibility and experience to help you to take back control of your career, to lift your professional profile, to create the flexibility and agility to work the hours you choose on the cases you are passionate about and to ditch the drudgery of day to day administration and the tyranny of the time sheet.

TBC is currently looking for lawyers of all experience levels within the fields of immigration, employment, IP, Property, Tax, Private Client, IT contracts, and family law with particular reference to financial settlements.

Interested in learning more? Contact Eva Caletkova at We look forward to meeting you soon.

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